Mother’s Day


Happy Mother’s Day to all my readers.
Remember you are special and if you haven’t been told that in a long time I’m telling you now that you’re special.

We can learn a lot from our mothers, they have lived longer than us. They have many life stories and experiences that we can learn from.

Happy Mother’s Day!!!



These roses are so lovely! The colours are amazing. Who would’ve thought that flowers can have such sharp thorns and yet look so delicate and beautiful?

These flowers were made like this by God for a reason. Why they have the sharp and painful with the bright happy colours, only God will know.

We are blessed to have such beauty to enjoy and treasure. Life is hard and painful at times, but there is always something positive amongst it all.

Hungry little guy

Hello all

It would seem that I not only care for the elderly persons I work with, but also the little furry friends of nature.

This squirrel comes into the house at the same time every morning and evening. Most times he steals food from the counters or containers which stand on the counters. Today he grabbed the last few biscuits and ate them outside. I found the packet laying in the garden. And I had been looking for them in the morning to serve them with my elderly charge’s tea. Well it didn’t happen.

I felt sorry for the guy and fed him sunflower seeds… Actually he poured them out for himself, greedy little guy. I wonder what will happen tomorrow….😂

Berry nice

Hi all

My day has been one of those days when you wonder why life is like it is. And I felt that I needed to give myself something positive just so that I end the day on a happier note. 

Blackberries and raspberries on vanilla ice cream is perfect! And eating it alone in bed with a book is a perfect way to end a not so positive day 😀

The garden

I had not been to the botanical gardens for years, and today I thought I needed to visit. So I took a ride there and spent some time enjoying the sunshine and nature.
You can see the smoke of a huge fire on the other side of the mountain. 


In Cape Town, we are having a severe drought. It’s so bad that it’s been predicted that we won’t have any water by 2018. The residents of Cape Town are doing their best to save water and utilize grey water to reduce the municipality water consumption. Our water bill has been reduced remarkably as we are now not flushing the toilet, rather manually flushing with grey water. My plants are getting watered with soap free grey water, rain water, and dirty fish bowl water – when I clean the bowl. 

I have hope that the city won’t dry up completely. Everyone is doing their best and if we work together we will win – and not to forget PRAYER!!!. We will make it out of this mess alive and closer together than ever before.