The day in the life of a nurse

Hi all

I thought I would share with you all how my typical day at work progresses.

I don’t work typical nursing shifts, I work a week at a time with a week break in between. I stay with my client for the week I work.

My day starts at 7:30 am the latest. I try to be up before my client awakes.

I am responsible with helping my client with her basic dressing and ablutions. Sometimes I have to assist her all the way, and on good days she will just ask me for help with a few things. 

After the morning routine, I have the washing, cooking and waitressing (yes, waitressing!) to do. I offer beverages throughout the day and snacks in between meals.

I have my own space in the house and when I have the time I will spend it listening to music, watching a movie or just reading. I crochet every spare moment I get and my client has become involved in advising me on what to make, how to make it and the colours I use. I ask her if I have doubts on a project and she will give her opinion. 

At night after all the duties are done and while my client watches her TV programs, I will sit and work on a crochet project or complete a crochet project and watch a movie on my bed. That isn’t for long and then I have to assist my client with getting ready for bed.

Lights are usually out by 10pm the latest. 

So this is my day at work…and it goes like this for 7 days.

At home for my week off, all routine is out. I do whatever whenever I want to do it. I crochet a lot more in this week as I am not serving anyone and mostly all the time is my own, after the daily chores are done.




Hello all

I am currently making a camera case for my new camera. I am winging the pattern and it’s easy to imagine what you want, but when the time comes to making the image into an actual object….that is not so easy.

I made it!!! Not too shabby.

Chunky Legwarmers

Good Morning

I made these warm and cozy thick legwarmers.

What you will need: 12mm knitting needles, 10mm crochet hook, and Chunky XL Blue Label wool, and a large eyed darning needle.

Cast on 28sts. Knit in stocking stitch 35 rows. Cast off in pattern.

Once you have sewn up the side seam, crochet 3 rounds along the top and bottom of each legwarmer. Sc around. The next 2 rounds, sc in back loops only. Finish off.


Homemade Toothpaste

I made my own toothpaste.

It is very easy to make and so quick.


1/2 cup coconut oil

2 tablespoons baking soda

2 little packets of stevia powder

15-20 drops of  clove, cinnamon or/and peppermint essential oil.

Mix all the ingredients together, if you coconut oil is melted, then stir occasionally until it has hardened or the essential oils will fall to the bottom.


Kleenex Pouch

Hello All

I have had the flu/cold since last week and as one’s nose tends to run while they are sick, I had to carry a packet of tissues with me wherever I went. SO I had this idea to make a pouch for the packet of tissues.

Below I have posted a link to the pattern. I typed it up in Microsoft Word, so to view it, you will need to have the program or something similar.

I hope you like it…

Let me know in the comments how you found the pattern.

Kleenex pouch

No more tangles

Hello all

I have been so busy with work, that I haven’t written in a long time.

This is my latest project, not crochet related, but rainbow loom created.


I was becoming tired of every time I needed to use my earphones, they were tangled. So I covered them with rainbow loom bands. And it has really worked.