Mother’s Day


Happy Mother’s Day to all my readers.
Remember you are special and if you haven’t been told that in a long time I’m telling you now that you’re special.

We can learn a lot from our mothers, they have lived longer than us. They have many life stories and experiences that we can learn from.

Happy Mother’s Day!!!


Tunisian entrelac crochet

This project has taken me so long to complete. I’m using the small balls of wool, the ones that are to small to do much with other than make amigurumi, to complete this project. I started it on the 12/June/2016. It’s been a long time and now I should get it finished

Useful Bags

Hi all

These bags are so useful!! I am using one of them to hold soft toys! One can use them as a grocery bag, or even to hold your large veggies – pumpkins, squash and/or potatoes.

It is very easy to make these bags, all you need is know how to crochet a flat circle, and chain and single crochet. I used a 12mm hook and XL Chunky wool.WP_20170225_09_20_02_Pro




In Cape Town, we are having a severe drought. It’s so bad that it’s been predicted that we won’t have any water by 2018. The residents of Cape Town are doing their best to save water and utilize grey water to reduce the municipality water consumption. Our water bill has been reduced remarkably as we are now not flushing the toilet, rather manually flushing with grey water. My plants are getting watered with soap free grey water, rain water, and dirty fish bowl water – when I clean the bowl. 

I have hope that the city won’t dry up completely. Everyone is doing their best and if we work together we will win – and not to forget PRAYER!!!. We will make it out of this mess alive and closer together than ever before.