Bike seat cover

I have been looking everywhere for a bike seat cover. The stores all answer the same, ‘Never heard of it,’ so I had to make my own.



In Cape Town, we are having a severe drought. It’s so bad that it’s been predicted that we won’t have any water by 2018. The residents of Cape Town are doing their best to save water and utilize grey water to reduce the municipality water consumption. Our water bill has been reduced remarkably as we are now not flushing the toilet, rather manually flushing with grey water. My plants are getting watered with soap free grey water, rain water, and dirty fish bowl water – when I clean the bowl. 

I have hope that the city won’t dry up completely. Everyone is doing their best and if we work together we will win – and not to forget PRAYER!!!. We will make it out of this mess alive and closer together than ever before.


I did a craft clean-up today and a few weeks back. It’s too depressing to do a complete clean-up at once. I seem to keep getting new craft supplies in and never use them. Well I never seem to have the time to do all the crafts I want to do. I did manage to give away a hugh bag of wool to a charity, and the second time round I managed to get rid of some of the craft books I have never used and had been keeping for years.

Crochet Abbreviations

As a beginner to crochet, it is quite daunting to start reading and working from a pattern. There just seems to be a lot of random letters all together, kind of like a whole new language. Well that is right! Crochet has a language of it’s own. And every combination of ‘random’ letters mean something.

I wrote up a list of the most common crochet abbreviations for you and I have a YouTube tutorial:

The photo is sideways so that the writing is larger and easier for you to read.



We all have those days when we are full of inspiration and then we are on the go with making, planning and competing projects, but what about the days when that doesn’t happen? 

Here’s what I do in the case of no inspiration, I go and look for ideas on
There are so many great ideas there… And one can’t have a quick look, trust me I’ve tried, you will end up by browsing Pinterest for hours!!
Go have a look and you won’t be disappointed 😁.

The day in the life of a nurse

Hi all

I thought I would share with you all how my typical day at work progresses.

I don’t work typical nursing shifts, I work a week at a time with a week break in between. I stay with my client for the week I work.

My day starts at 7:30 am the latest. I try to be up before my client awakes.

I am responsible with helping my client with her basic dressing and ablutions. Sometimes I have to assist her all the way, and on good days she will just ask me for help with a few things. 

After the morning routine, I have the washing, cooking and waitressing (yes, waitressing!) to do. I offer beverages throughout the day and snacks in between meals.

I have my own space in the house and when I have the time I will spend it listening to music, watching a movie or just reading. I crochet every spare moment I get and my client has become involved in advising me on what to make, how to make it and the colours I use. I ask her if I have doubts on a project and she will give her opinion. 

At night after all the duties are done and while my client watches her TV programs, I will sit and work on a crochet project or complete a crochet project and watch a movie on my bed. That isn’t for long and then I have to assist my client with getting ready for bed.

Lights are usually out by 10pm the latest. 

So this is my day at work…and it goes like this for 7 days.

At home for my week off, all routine is out. I do whatever whenever I want to do it. I crochet a lot more in this week as I am not serving anyone and mostly all the time is my own, after the daily chores are done.